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Managing the competing demands of raising a family, managing your career, education, health and a social life can be an enormous stress, not to mention knowing how your finances are tracking.

We understand your workload so our objective is to bring true peace of mind and certainty to your life.

We do this by first understanding HOW you want to spend your life and what’s required to get there.

For example:

  • What sort of investments suit your needs?
  • How much money do you need to save each month to facilitate your goals?
  • What to do with excess savings, such as paying down your home loan, contribute to super or even create a share portfolio?
  • What’s the best banking structure or mortgage for your circumstance?
  • What insurances will you require and what are the most tax effective ways to hold them?

All this and more will be an efficient machine ticking away in the background, communicating with you regularly via a simple ‘traffic light’ system that benchmarks you to your goals. You’ll know how your finances are tracking with a glance of the eye.

"My initial thought going to see a financial planning company was that I was going to bombarded with information about products, so I was surprised when our first session was all about us and our goals.

The clarity we got around our goals was truly inspiring and the fact our goals where broken down to smaller achievable milestones made us feel like we are on track to achieve our vision for the future."
Andrew and Kelly Ann Dewar


When you’re busy building your career, furthering your education and juggling lifestyle and social commitments, a long term financial plan may not be a priority.  Yet the impact potential from having clear financial strategies in place during this stage of life is profound.

Think of us your outsourced CFO where our job description involves:

  • Helping you work through what it is that you want (we understand this is likely to change along the way too)
  • Setting strategies that translate into clear actions that will lead you there
  • Holding you accountable and coaching you along the way, ensuring you stay on track towards reaching your goals

Business Owners

As a business owner, you live and breath your business – its success plays such a large part in determining your future security.

We can provide a business value gap that establishes the gap that exists between what a business is currently worth and what it needs to be worth to fund a business owner’s retirement.

Our valuation model accurately values a business by accessing the following:

  • The strength of the business’ various value drivers
  • The exposure the business has to its varying risks
  • The ability of the business to access its surplus cash
  • Other ‘external factors such as interest rates and tax rates

Once we know your business value, we’ll keep your business accountable to the following:

  • What is the business value you need at time of sale? (This figure will also be based of Assets and Liabilities outside your business)
  • What is the period before you can afford to sell?
  • Growth and improvement KPIs required to increase value
  • Profit targets you need to achieve your required value
"It's truly amazing what an outsider's perspective can do to assist your business. Knowing what your business is really worth has a number of benefits however the real benefit for me was being held accountable to specific risk and value drivers to increase my profitability and business value"
Richard Buick

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