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Financial Planning Courses

Our financial planning courses and financial literacy courses are designed to move you toward your goals at the least possible time.

Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are earning over $500k per annum and looking to invest more or just starting at an entry level job and trying to pay off accumulated credit card debt.

What matters is the plan you have for your finances. The plan starts by making you aware of your own money psychology, from here you get to design and create the life you want to live from the roots of your budget.

Our financial planning courses and financial literacy courses include video instructions with a tailored downloadable plan which will get you closer to your objectives faster.

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What Our Investors Say

This cash flow plan is the most effective financial management program of its kind, its already worked for over 200 people just like you.

“I am very happy with Mark Wyld as my adviser as he is very keen to see us increase our wealth for our retirement in the not to distant future. He can explain all the details of the SMSF that we have trouble understanding in a way that we can understand. I always feel I know a bit more about it after seeing Mark. His fees are quite reasonable as well. ”


56-65 years old

“Excellent wealth management plan that allowed us to see clear progression towards our objectives.”


Under 35 years old

“Mark has helped us regain control of our finances and set us on a path to a more structured and secure financial future. After a year with Mark we are more informed, disciplined and relaxed now that we have a workable and promising financial management plan in place.”

Ari and Maggie

35-45 years old

“Marks advice is responsive and well informed. He has helped us reconfigure our mortgage and spending patterns and has put us on to a genuine ‘wealth creation’ strategy. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs discipline and strategy and currently has none. ”


46-55 years old

“Friendly, knowledgeable and keen to see us succeed”


35-45 years old

“Mark is very knowledgeable and we are very happy with his advice in helping us achieve our retirement goals We would be happy to recommend Mark to our family and friends ”


56-65 years old

“Mark is very easy to deal with, listens to your needs / requirements and makes sure you are comfortable with the way forward. ”


46-55 years old

“Mark provides excellent advice and introduces great strategies to building a better Superfund. A great way to improving your retirement strategies. ”


35-45 years old

“Mark has been so good in setting up our super and investment for retirement and putting us on the right direction for the future.”


56-65 years old

“Mark has been my financial adviser now for over 7 years and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Mark has provided me with a highly professional financial advisory service. Mark is personable and very easy to deal with and most importantly I have complete trust in him. I highly recommend partnering with Mark for your financial advice needs.”


35-45 years old

“Mark is always available when I have any queries and I have every confidence in what he advises me. I have only known Mark for a few months and am looking forwArd to my quarterly review. ”


65+ years old

“Mark’s great at explaining things and listening to our needs. He has assisted us in putting together a plan to be able to achieve our defined goals. The only area i found in which there is a need for improvement is being more proactive about jumping onto wealth generating strategies. The issue is I’ve had to push for things to get moving and have been dissatisfied with the slightly laid back pace. ”


35-45 years old

“We have only used marks services for 3 months. He is always very professional and accommodate our requests, even if they are not what he recommends. ”


56-65 years old

“Mark is responsive and down to earth. He manages our needs efficiently with minimum fuss or pressure to to up sell other financial products (unlike bank’s insurance pushers). Few minor organizational hiccups along the way but sorted out immediately. So far so good and highly recommended.”


35-45 years old

“Mark is helping us achieve our goals and plan for our future. By following his advice and making the right decisions for investment we are very positive about our future.”


Under 35 years old

“Has helped greatly with getting our affairs and goals in order with a clear plan on how to achieve them, including flexibility when situations change.”


Under 35 years old

“It was a pleasure dealing with Mark. His knowledge is extensive and sound He was and is prompt with his replies and committments to me. Hs friendly nature made it easy to be in his company.”


65+ years old

“Mark is always willing to explain situations that is at my level . Since joining Mark this year he has guided me throughout the setting up of my portfolio making it easy for me to understand .”


65+ years old

“Mark has been very helpful in explaining the SMSF process.”


46-55 years old

“Mark is accurate in his summation”


56-65 years old

“Mark has been professional and diligent in all our workings together. I have found his honest and outcome focused approached to be quite refreshing and would highly recommend his services ”


35-45 years old

“We have been working with Mark for a little while and love giving him a hard time, but he takes it with good grace and has helped us setup our financial structures and forecasted how and where we want to go by when. We are thankful we have him as part of our team. Cheers George Low Cost SEO Sydney ”


35-45 years old

“We have been using Marks services for close to 10 years and he is our main go-to person for all our financial and superannuation issues. Ours is a little complex so it is great to have someone that understands our position and also can advise us into the future. Thanks Mark!”


46-55 years old

“Mark has provided excellent advice and assistance to me; I was referred to him from my best friends and it is clear why that referral was recommended. Mark is patient with me as my knowledge is limited and I would recommend him again and again. He’s helped to provide me with financial security and that is key. ”


35-45 years old

“Mark has provided excellent advice regarding appropriate insurance levels for our young and growing family, and investment advice for our super. He has also been great at refinancing our loan and always getting us a materially better deal. He advice is always in plain English and helps us understand the impacts of our decisions, risk levels and balancing our family needs. Would recommend to anyone.”


35-45 years old

“Mark is very easy to get along with making your decisions easy to make, he doesn’t pressure you into anything and understands its your money, highly recommended. ”


Under 35 years old

“Mark has given my husband and I some really clear advice on how to manage our investments at such an early time in our life, to give us a clear trajectory to early retirement. Its exciting to know that we have help in this area, where we would’ve been completely in the dark without it. ”


35-45 years old

“”Mark has given me advice in areas including loan products, self managed super funds and managing debt. Mark was usually able to explain things to me in a clear way. Through Mark’s knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs. I usually received Mark’s full care and attention when I needed it.””


35-45 years old

“Our experience with Mark has been fantastic. He is very professional, honest and broke everything down in finer detail for us to understand the big picture. I have personally past his contact details onto friends, family and my defence force colleagues. Being a defence force member it can be hard to trust people outside of the defence bubble (especially with financial decisions) but Mark was excellent in understanding and communicating everything clearly for myself and my partner. I have full faith and confidence that our financial and life goals for our future can be achieved with the help of Marks advice. ”


Under 35 years old

“Mark has provided a highly professional, wholistic financial advisory service covering risk management, wealth accumulation, budgeting, and finance. He is always available to speak to about our plans and gives us confidence to be active participants in our financial future. I highly recommend partnering with Mark for your financial advice.”


35-45 years old

“Everything now is achievable, knowing there is a link between monthly strategies and goals provide a sense of purpose.”

Chris Doddrell

46-55 years old

“Before I started, I was a mess, no budget, strategies, nothing. The income side of things was always strong. However, this financial management program really allowed me to go from one extreme to the other with more structure and certainty about the future.”

Melissa O'Brien

Under 35 years old

“Before I started, I was educating myself from books such as ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and ‘The Barefoot Investor’ which were great. However, it wasn’t until I tried ‘Wealthy Habits’ then you understand what’s lacking and what decisions need to be made now to start doing things like investment to move closer to my objectives.”

Rhys Comer

65+ years old

“Before this financial program, we had a vague idea of what we wanted but just no strategies, techniques, or discipline for the peace of mind we were getting the most from ourselves. The sheer comfort that all parts of our plan are optimised around debt, super and investments is valuable.”

Maggie Xip

35-45 years old

Course Curriculum

Smash unwanted debt right now

Do you have some ugly ‘bad’ debt just lingering like a bad smell?

Credit card or personal loan debt from $1k, 2k, 10k or even $50k+?

This course will show you the path of least resistance to vanish this once and for all.

Home loan debt feel overwhelming?

Most of us feel like this liability will be with us forever, so it’s important to know with predictability where you must be next month until ultimately when this liability will be extinguished.



With MW, you can expect nothing less than the best. We take pride in delivering service excellence and customer satisfaction. You choose us because of our -


In a commoditised industry, We pride ourselves on innovation to the betterment of our members.

Award Winning

We are recognised by IOOF and AFA.


We have 100% positive reviews online.

Feel uneasy you’re not investing?

Well there’s no easy way to say this, but you probably should!

But, that’s a good thing, here’ why?

Money is not proportionate, one year doing nothing leads to many years opportunity cost of not taking advantage of compound returns.

You may feel like you don’t know the right investments or there’s no room in your budget?

These are very real and important questions. Questions that you must have answers, that will lead to a better financial life. Check out our financial management course and wealth management course syllabus!

Our Amazing Work

See for yourself exactly how hard we work as well as our passion and dedication to helping people build better lives.

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