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How to work from home effectively


Amid COVID-19 restrictions, you may find yourself working from home. Telecommuting has been increasing with popularity over the years, as the traditional model of work is being shaken up.  


Instead of having to physically go into work, many office workers are now working either part-time or full-time from home. But like many things in life, such as health, finances and relationships – it is (in part) what you make it.


While COVID-19 has created a unique set of circumstances, your ability to put things into perspective could be the difference between floundering or seizing it as an opportunity to flourish.


So, how can you work from home effectively? And how you can apply these principles to the rest of your life? Read on to find out.


Put things into perspective


Perspective is a powerful thing. The way you perceive your work from home situation can have a direct impact on your experience. For example, “I’m being forced to stay at home,” could be reframed as “I have an opportunity to reduce the outbreak and keep people safe.”


This reframing gives you control of your circumstances. The same deal goes for your finances. Instead of viewing a budget as restrictive and something that you’re losing, you could shift your perspective and see it as a chance to achieve a bigger financial goal.


It’s OK to feel overwhelmed sometimes. But focusing on the things that are in your control and that will make you feel more positive can empower you to work and live better.


Find an approach that works for you


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to most things in life. And it’s no different with working from home. While some people may feel motivated to smash out a full at-home workout before starting their work day, don’t stress if this isn’t you.


Find an approach that feels good for you, such as starting your work a little earlier and going for a mid-morning walk around the block.


Unless you’re a motivation machine, it’s perfectly natural that your drive will come in ebbs and flows throughout the day. To stay on-task, you may find that working in 30-minute or 50-minute blocks, followed by a quick break to make a tea or stretch your legs can keep you feeling productive. It’s all about understanding what works for you!



Create a plan (and follow it!)

To work at your best, creating a to-do list can be life-changing. Start your day with a plan and work your way through it – ticking it off as you go. This can help you feel in control and on track to achieve your daily goals.



Set clear rules and boundaries


It’s really tough to separate personal and professional life when it’s all happening in one space. That’s why setting rules and boundaries are essential to help you feel positive about your remote work situation.


For example:


·      Have a designated work station (e.g. a desk or table) that’s for work and other areas of the house that are strictly for leisure

·      Only work during your scheduled work hours

·      Switch off after work. Going for a walk can help you click the reset button – returning to the house feeling refreshed.




How to apply these principles to your finances


Perspective, tools and boundaries are great ways to take control of your work from home situation. And the same can be said of your finances.


To develop wealthy habits, it’s important to have perspective, find a plan and an approach that works for you, and set clear rules and boundaries.


While a financial advisor can help you create your roadmap to financial success, you’re the one who must follow it.


At Wealthy Habits, we’re passionate about helping you take control of your finances. Combining traditional financial advising services with innovative dashboard that gives you full oversight of your position, you can kickstart your path to financial freedom.


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