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How technology is changing financial planning



When it comes to traditional financial services, such as banks, superannuation funds and general financial advice, people are looking for a more personalised experience. Something that caters to their individual needs and goals – not just a cookie-cutter approach. And this is where fintech (financial technology) is proving to be a real game changer.


Whether you’re about to hit a major life milestone, such as starting a family or buying a house, or you want to grow your wealth, fintech – supported with good financial advice – can help.


Don’t just keep up with the Jones’ – put them in the rear-view mirror. Read on to find out how.


It’s rewriting the financial services rulebook


The notion of planning to meet future needs is not a new one. However, instead of financial advisors being the gatekeepers of information, it’s now our job to work with you (not for you). And give you the tools and information to make confident choices with your money.


As your money mentors, we’re here to help guide you through information and empower you to achieve your goals.



It’s shaping the future of financial advice


Fintech is improving and automating financial services. While this technology was once reserved for big-player institutions, it’s now in the hands of consumers.


But what does this mean for you in the long-term? As financial advisory services become digitised, it’s now easier to focus on big-picture thinking and have more control over your position.


With tech solutions in your everyday money management toolbelt, you can free up time and mental space to focus on smashing your long-term priorities, such as investments and securing a comfortable retirement.


For example, Wealthy Habits’ intelligent dashboard gives you a birds’ eye view of all your cash flow, debt, investing, super and risk in one place. Paired with our financial advising services, you’ll have the skills, tools and know-how to take your financial success to the next level.


With live data at your fingertips, you’ll be across your financial position – and how it fits into your overarching goals. And we’ll be there to guide you, every step of the way.


With your cash flow, debt, investments and other resources all streamlined, you can smash your financial goals.



Wealthy Habits makes financial management easy


It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20s, 30s, or older – financial literacy is for everyone. Wealthy Habits is proud to offer our clients our blended financial services, which put you in the driver’s seat.


If you’re ready to level up and match your financial habits with your goals, then register with us now  and we’ll email a series of videos designed to change your financial habits, one at a time.

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