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How to enjoy Melbourne food and entertainment on a budget



Melbourne is famous for its café culture and vibrant night life. From smashed avo and feta to deconstructed vegemite toast, to cold brew coffee – Melburnians sure do love a good brunch. And don’t get us started on cocktails! Melbourne wasn’t voted the world’s most liveable city seven years in a row for nothing! However, making the most of everything on offer isn’t cheap…


Luckily, with a few handy tips from Wealthy Habits, you won’t have to blow your budget to enjoy #MelbourneLife.



Hunt around for delicious cheap eats


Cheap eats are a big part of Melbourne’s food scene, whether it’s dumplings, pho, or a pot and parma deal, there are plenty of hidden gems to feast on – at affordable prices. 


Save your money and search for cheap eats near your local suburb. Or, head to a strip known for its banging budget meals, such as Victoria Street in Richmond or Chinatown in the CBD.


Pizza, fish and chips, pub fare, ramen and Mexican food – you name it, you can find an affordable option in Melbourne.


Sniff out some lunch or dinner specials


There are plenty of restaurants out there vying for your attention. Some of them offer lunch or dinner specials to lure you in. For example, you may be able to score lunch specials between certain hours or discounts on specific weekdays. This way you can still get your restaurant or café fix without paying full price. Watch those savings stack up!



Look at your current spending

According to the 2019 Eating Out In Australia report,  it doesn’t matter your age or how much you earn – Melburnians love eating out. As delicious as it is to eat out or order in, it can add up if you’re doing it all the time.


We all turn a blind eye to our spending from time to time. But plenty of Australians have no idea how much they’re currently spending on food and entertainment. Without this knowledge, it can be hard to know if you should cut back or not. That’s why putting time aside to calculate exactly how much you’re spending on food, booze, coffee and entertainment can help.


From here, you can think about if this money is being well spent, or if you need to cut back on the avo toast and put some it towards your long-term goals, such as a home deposit or saving for a holiday.



Put food and entertainment into your budget


If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, you don’t have to give up all the fun stuff completely. It’s just about ensuring it’s doesn’t stop you smashing your medium and long-term goals.


Create a food and entertainment budget, either by yourself, with your partner, or with the help of a financial advisor. By defining how much you want to spend on this, you can easily measure how you’re tracking each week and month, with our clever cash flow dashboard.


If you’re under budget for the month, ka-ching! You can treat yo’self to an extra special dinner out. If you’re over, you may need to rein it in and cook at home or pick up something cheap.


Having food and entertainment in your budget can help say goodbye to any guilt associated with buying food out – and enjoy it, without breaking the bank.



Get on top of your finances


If you’d like to take control of your money management, Wealthy Habits can help. We combine traditional financial advising services with new technology – enabling you to manage your income, debt, goals and more with the click of a button. You can see how your food spending is tracking anytime from your account.


If you’re ready to level up and match your financial habits with your goals, then register with us now, and we’ll email a series of videos designed to change your financial habits, one at a time.

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