Personal Finance = Trade Offs

If you make a laptop more powerful, the battery life will suffer and it will get heavier too.


We all want to find the magic formula to wealth creation by reading more, engaging better 'advisors' or even falling upon some insider knowledge your peers couldn't possible know exist.

If you make a plane bigger, it won’t land at every airport, and it will cost more to fly, even if you don’t sell all the seats.

Another set of trade-offs.

Good engineers don’t whine about trade-offs, because they realise that they’re the entire point.

The truth, the better your ability to understand the trade offs between spending and investing and control your emotional triggers, the wealthier you will be. You do not have to go down the rabbit hole of an overload of commoditised knowledge.

If there were no trade-offs, we wouldn’t need their help, there would be no interesting problems worth solving.

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