What is a superfund? It’s Australia’s way to help you save for your retirement. It’s also called superannuation If you work or have worked and reside in the country, superfund in Australia is compulsory.

What happens is your employer is mandated to pay a percentage of your wage or salary into your superfund in Australia. You can choose which one or your employer can choose for you.

Your superfund invests this money until you retire which you can then use as a steady stream of income.

With many different superfunds to choose from and different types of accounts, you can look at each one’s performance as well as the required fees against critical factors like risk, investment returns, services, and insurance.

Choosing the best superfunds that fits you perfectly maybe an arduous task and that is where your MW expert will come in. Talk to us so we can show you how you can take full advantage of a superfund asset management and investment to improve your life today and achieve your goals for tomorrow.



To pick the right superfund investment, you have to take three things into consideration: (1) Your age, (2) your comfort level with the risks, and (3) how long you are willing to wait before you can access your funds.

With one of the major keys to investments being risk management, knowing your risk comfort level is absolutely crucial. As with most investments, a higher growth option will have higher risk and will incur more volatile returns over the short term but may gain greater returns in the long term. Of course, the opposite goes for the lower growth option. Investing super in property is another option to think about.

There are people nearing retirement age who choose to be more conservative with their investments to minimise the risk of a decreasing balance, while there are others who want to maintain their investments in growth options in hopes of greater returns. Both can apply and there is nothing wrong with each one. Whatever you choose though, you will have us by your side every step of the way.



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