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What are your dreams?

Have you defined them?

Do you have the peace of mind that you’re on track to achieve them?

MONEY has the ability to harm your health, relationships and confidence. Conversely MONEY can be a tool to facilitate your dream life.

Given the power of MONEY, what can a financial planning firm do to improve your health, relationships and confidence?

Firstly, we understand that numbers, investments, cash flow, super etc. are all a means to an end.  Without linking them directly to how you want to spend your life, they mean little.

We’re experts in helping you define your dream life and applying strategies to realise them. Our unique financial planning method will benchmark your progress and hold you accountable to your dreams.

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Step 1

Goals & values session

In the grand scheme of things it’s not money that's important, its what money can do for you that’s makes it important. Money can help build your dream life, leading to feelings of happiness, reduced stress and a greater sense of achievement and purpose.

This first session is all about helping you define your dream life and the underlying core values motivating this dream life. This helps us to keep you on track throughout your journey.

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Step 2

The blueprint to your dream life

We're experts in converting your dream life into the strategies that will offer you the highest chance of success. Once these strategies are in place is when the real work starts. We'll break these strategies down into: Cash Flow, Investment and Contingency. These are continually benchmarked against your vision for the future.

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Step 3

Cash Flow

Experience has taught us that Cash Flow has the largest impact on the success or failure of your financial plan and thus realising your dream life. We ensure you have the right banking structure in place and advise you of your monthly savings targets needed to reach your goals.

Your cash flow plan will be benchmarked against:

  • Debt reduction
  • Super contributions
  • Monthly net profit targets
  • Monthly savings targets
  • Spending patterns
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Step 4


We understand investments may seem confusing and unpredictable. We'll educate you on the sound investment decisions and philosophies that ultimately determine your success as an investor.

We'll advise you on how much you need to invest and what asset classes are most aligned to your needs and goals. Your investments are continually benchmarked against these goals so that you can be assured along the way you that are on track towards achieving your dream life.

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Step 5


Life can be unpredictable. To have the best chance of success of reaching your dream life, we must protect against the financial impact of any unforeseen negative events.

Health events are insurable, but not all negative events are, so it's critical to build strong cash reserves.

We'll determine the appropriate level of Risk Insurance and Cash Reserves required to meet your goals and ensure all Wills and Powers of Attorney are up to date.

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Step 6

We’ll keep you accountable so that you have peace of mind

We rate our success by your level of peace of mind. We believe in order to give you true peace of mind you must feel secure that your dream life will be realised.

How do we do this? We continually benchmark your progress against the strategies we’ve set, so that you know you are on track at any given time.

To keep things simple and easy to understand, a ‘traffic light’ rating is given to each of the benchmarks so you automatically know with a glance of the eye how you are tracking.

Should your circumstances or goals change along the way, we’ll review your strategies with you and recommend alternative strategies and benchmarks that can be implemented, to keep you on track for success.

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