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Cash Flow

cash flow

Love it or hate it – this area will likely have the largest impact on the success of your financial plan. From years of advising and monitoring our members, we know what gets results. Our approach here is almost the opposite to what most advisers will say.

The answer lies in enrolment on your journey and allocating funds where they must go FIRST. With MW, you can gain a sustainable cash flow system that aligns with your life goals and works with your existing habits so you can ultimately change your life.

Cash Flow for Families

Having a family can be expensive. From pregnancy and birth to chilcare and schools to food, water, electricity, internet, and other life essentials, you need a constant stream of cash to maintain a good and comfortable life. This is where our practical yet highly effective financial planning and management strategies come in.

With MW, we will help you manage cashflow by providing you with tailor-made budgeting and data-driven investment strategies that will help your money grow to improve your family’s lifestyle today and achieve your financial goals for the future.



Truth be told, nailing your investment portfolio in this area will assist in achieving your version of success. The reality, almost everyone we come across have not taken the time to benchmark and implement a good investment portfolio. We take this burden away from you and tailor one to your preferences and goals whilst benchmarking other key areas like fees and contributions.

We’ll help you discover how a tailored super that meets your lifestyle needs and goals will complement your financial strategy to ensure a better today and tomorrow.



What’s standing between you and your goals is you – and strategy. The strategy to make the correct choices to move you closer to your goals. Strategy however can seem way too long term and difficult to maintain once motivation dwindles. For this exact reason, we offer financial advisory services which have a unique system that will provide short-term benchmarks so you know what’s required day to day, so you’re on track for your ideal future self.

Make your money work for you with practical yet highly effective strategies like automation of investment portfolios, debt, or even super.



There’s so much noise in this area and you can easily be sidetracked and make poor decisions. We’ll guide you through our 5-pillar checklist to ensure your investments that will assist in achieving your version of success.

Our first order of business will be to talk to you at length about exactly how you want to live your life now and where you see yourself 5, 10, or 20 years down the road.

At the same time, we take a very close look at all aspects of your financials to combine this with the insights we have gotten from you so we can formulate our plans of action and list down the choices of the right investments for you.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Or as some of our members like to say FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), the beauty of this area lies in the fact we can help you execute on basic benchmarks right now to assist in achieving your retirement goals. All the strategies you see around you right now need to be benchmarked and moulded to your version of success.



Imagine if someone told you, that right now, they can put some money back in your pocket? That’s what good tax planning can do, structuring your affairs to increase deductibility and even boost wealth. We can work with your Accountant or introduce you to our panel.

Through effective tax minimisation and planning, we will help you find applicable strategies to legally reduce the taxes that you pay every year and ensure that you will not have to pay a dollar more than you need to. Therefore, you can save up to thousands of dollars each year and have more money for savings and investments.

Retirement Planning
(White Paper)

Retirement Planning (White Paper)

Retirement years should be relaxing, we’ve surveyed our most relaxed/self-funded retirees and demonstrated results into a white paper (just call the office if you’d like a copy).

As you get closer to this lifestyle milestone, we focus on showing you how to protect the money you must invest with an investment and lifestyle strategy tailored to you.

Various solutions will be presented with a mixture of growth, preventing portfolio losses and preserve the capital you’ve created throughout your life.

Using our unique benchmarking philosophy, we consider your assets, taxes and any Age Pension or additional payments you may qualify for and map out your desired lifestyle and hold you accountable to the important variables.



Our unique benchmarking system and premium banking solutions can be tailored to your circumstance to turbocharge the below.

  • Eradicate ugly debt faster
  • Accelerate home loan reduction with finite benchmarks along the way
  • Leverage debt for wealth creation

When you work with us, you will get proper debt management by a fully licenced and certified financial adviser with considerable and successful experience in helping people deal with debt. At MW, we have not just managed to get a lot of people out of debt but also made sure that they don’t have to deal with it again in the future.



It’s not as fun to talk about, but we must protect your goals and family against adverse health and accidents. You will be moving towards your goals and smashing through financial barriers, the last thing you want is to be ill, injured or unable to work. Wealth protection will give you and your family the time and energy to focus on what’s important. Because let’s be honest, without our health, all this means nothing.

Likewise, the insurance that you will have should align with the goals you have set for yourself and those who matter most to you and make sure that they are living comfortably with no hassle and debt-free in case of any eventuality.

Converting Strategy to Goals

Benchmarking Advice / Financial Advisory Services

Everyone will say “look at our unique process?” But our financial advisory services and processes have been purposefully engineered to make you change and align your life to who you want to become. Our system uses a traffic light logic to help you understand when to keep going, when you should be cautious, and of course when to stop and reiterate.

You are on top of cash flow and have your banking structures down pat, and automation established to maximise money. Major benchmarks like spending, investing and debt levels are green so what could go wrong? The reality is, there are likely to be between 20 to 30 variables that will affect your goals. We break down these variables into benchmarks, so you understand what actions are required today so your future looks as rosy as possible. On your journey, you will receive an overall picture of how you are tracking. With your advisor and the interactive nature of the process, we can adjust benchmarks and goals till we find the ‘happy medium’ between what you are capable of now and what you need to happen in the future.

Sick of reading? Watch this video to see how it all works!


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