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Cash Flow

Ever been frustrated with your cash flow or feeling like something is missing? Well, it may not be your fault, our cash flow system works with your existing habits so it’s sustainable and aligned to important objectives such as financial independence. We believe we’ve uncovered the secret of financial planning and to truly change habits and behaviour, which will in turn change your life.


Banking structures will vary in every situation to suit individual preferences. Successful banking structures have one thing in common, they automate your day-to-day life to your desired future. Once you log in to your Wealthy Habits portal, you will be able to drag and drop and establish your banking setup. We will be right there to guide you to ensure your banking arrangement is sustainable and challenging, so it moves you to where you need to be in the future and now.


Even if you are successful with your cash flow and banking structure, it will mean diddly squat, if it’s not underpinned by a strategy that makes your money work as hard as it possibly can. Disciplined cash flow and banking, coupled with a prudent strategy, will change your life. Strategies may involve automaton into various investment portfolios, debt or even super. Our certified financial strategist is always willing to help!


Paying off your home loan debt or other personal debt, in financial lingo non-deductible debt is a dream for many Australians. It can be a huge expense and typically not something we can generate any income or receive a tax deduction for making dents in your mortgage to ultimately extinguish before retirement can be an important part of your financial plan, our program will accelerate the reduction.

Investing your money, not your time

An investment portfolio generally takes a considerable amount of time to manage. Decision-making in relation to market conditions and your investments can be complicated and sometimes decisions need to be made quickly. The active management of your investment portfolio, essential financial advice, and sound financial planning allow you to capture investment opportunities as they arise and also helps manage risk.


Because there is so much data and comparison sites on the internet about super, we’re just going to say a couple of things. Firstly, if you are an ambitious person with above average expectations, super by itself will not get you even close to where you want to go, therefore it’s imperative to understand how super will complement the rest of your financial planning and strategy. Lastly, your investment strategy must be strong, see investment portfolio.


It’s not as fun to talk about, but we must protect your goals and family against adverse health and accidents. You will be moving towards your goals and smashing through financial barriers, the last thing you want is to be ill, injured or unable to work. Wealth protection will give you and your family the time and energy to focus on what’s important. Because let’s be honest, without our health, all this means nothing.


You are on top of cash flow and have your banking structures down pat, and automations established to maximise money. What could go wrong? The reality is, there are likely to be between 20 to 30 variables that will affect your goals. We break down these variables into quarterly benchmarks, so you understand what actions are required today so your future looks as rosy as possible. Online, you will receive an overall picture of how you are tracking. With an advisor from a top fund management company like us and the interactive nature of our website, we can adjust benchmarks and goals till we find the ‘happy medium’ between what you are capable of now and what you need to happen in the future.


Our customers frequently tell us the best thing about our financial planning program is, when adhered to correctly, you will have more ease etc, you will have more ease and certainty about what the future will bring, hence give you more confidence in every-day life.


With MW, you can expect nothing less than the highest quality service. We take pride in delivering service excellence and customer satisfaction. You choose us because of our -


In a commoditised industry, We pride ourselves on innovation to the betterment of our members.

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