Family Planning 2.0

Family Planning 2.0

After years of providing high-quality retirement planning advice, we decided to survey our clients to not only ensure they were satisfied but importantly what else we could do to increase satisfaction, ensuring they feel ‘good’ right now that everything is on track.

If you’re aged between 45 and 65, the below 4 distinctly different areas but intrinsically tied areas must be tailored to each set of circumstances to not only ensure your financial plan is humming but your immediate family either side of you, is also aligned to your ambitions.

At MW Wealth, we can start the conversation to align all areas from your first consultation, book in now.


Caring For Your Parents

Aged care advice when your parents need it, poor financial decisions at this time can potentially create inter-generational problems for family wealth management. We can assist transitioning from home into aged care. From evaluating your unique care needs, we tailor a plan to ease the burden, minimise aged care fees, and maximise social security benefits.


Caring For Your Children

Quality advice for your children requires bespoke plans tailored to them, securing the right foundations from banking structures to cash flow and then implementing proven wealth creation principles such as investing and leverage.


Retirement Planning

Retirement years should be relaxing, we’ve surveyed our most relaxed/self-funded retirees and demonstrated results into a white paper (just call the office if you’d like a copy).

As you get closer to this lifestyle milestone, we focus on showing you how to protect the money you must invest with an investment and lifestyle strategy tailored to you.

Various solutions will be presented with a mixture of growth, preventing portfolio losses and preserve the capital you’ve created throughout your life.
Using our unique bench-marking philosophy, we consider your assets, taxes and any Age Pension or additional payments you may qualify for and map out your desired lifestyle and hold you accountable to the important variables.


Estate Planning

Your life is precious – and it’s worth planning for and protecting.

Because we help you understand how to be in control of your financial future, management of your personal and financial matters becomes as simple and stress-free as possible. If you’re serious about estate planning for your loved ones, that means complete peace of mind.

At MW Wealth, our goal is to ensure you are in a positive position – on track to meet both your short and long-term goals, while still feeling financially free to enjoy life now. When you are in control of your finances, you have the capacity to absorb a financial shock – and that means no more sleepless nights and the reality of a secure financial future.

A solid estate plan is so much more than a will.

We create strong strategies to manage the disbursement of your assets, with a firm focus on beneficiary nominations that protect the needs of the people you care about most

Because life changes, a good estate plan is reviewed annually.



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