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Financial Planning for Doctors: An Open Letter

Dear Millennial Doctor,

You’ve sacrificed incredible resources to get to where you are, you’re now earning decent money and there’s an increasing demand for your critical thinking.

From this point, money can take various connections to you, such as “I deserve nice things”, “I’m too busy to manage properly”, “There’ll always be plenty coming in” or “I can manage money myself effectively” or a hybrid of all four.

Whatever your connection to money, the point is, setting the right foundations now from investing to tax, will have serious impacts over your career.

Money can be like a ‘thief in the night’, you don’t realise it’s gone until it’s too late. More than likely, you’re already going to do really well financially, and that’s fine. However, we’re not here for ‘really well’, our sole purpose is to push you to the upper echelon, meaning we want your money to work even harder than you do. That’s why we have financial planning for doctors. If you also need help with asset finance for doctors in Australia, talk to us!

In your fortunate and privileged position, a new world of financial possibility opens up to create a life many of us could only dream of. But the clock is ticking, from the effects of compound interest, time is not proportionate, one year doing nothing or just trying may lead to the equivalent of many years opportunity cost.

Fortunately, we have the experience in financial planning and wealth management for doctors as well as tools for you to optimise the areas that will make a real difference.

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How much tax should you be paying?

Accounting and taxation issues are not only important to maximising your business and cash flow but important to maximising and initiating further wealth creation now, not just at tax time but now.

Being a busy millennial Doctor, we find this becomes a lesser priority in the reality of your busy day.

We’re able to offer specialist cash flow advice and tracking tailored to the medical profession. We’ll maximise every single claimable deduction including equipment, indemnity, insurances, items including a personal element like phone and cars.

Understanding trusts and applying the right strategies tailored to the medical profession may incrementally enhance wealth creation. Important considerations such as CGT events, protection, money distributed to more favourable tax rates can have many benefits now and into the future.

Serving the community and paying more than your fair share in tax should never come in the same sentence. Getting the tax system on your side creates the foundations on designing your life.

Is it possible to reduce debt faster?

From banking structures to debt structuring, strategies are applied to enhance deducibility at the lowest possible rate. Managing cash flow from your business and investments, deferring tax may allow faster non deductable debt elimination.

Crafting out where recurring expenses are paid to variable expenses and setting parameters allows us to define and apply to the life you want to live right now, whilst creating your ideal future life with more predictability.

Executing your debt plan prudently we can bring forward dreams like your ideal home, business practise, investments or even private school fees. Once milestones have been accomplished it’s on the next one with reliable benchmarks forming part of a bigger picture designing your life which debt reduction plays a vital role.

How do you Cash Flow?

Most finance gurus have this around the wrong way, the first thing we do is show you who you are financially, and what your budget says about your personality.

Together, we might empathise this personality, or after our bespoke investment and tax planning, we may need to refine some areas of your cash flow plan. We’ll set granular benchmarks to the person who you want to become and apply unique tracking tools, so you remain the course.

If you’ve ever felt uneasy that you are not quite optimised in this area? It might be because you have not made deliberate decisions on what your cash flow plan must look like to create your ideal life.

How do we deploy super to suit your life now and serve its purpose in the future?

Optimised contributions, gearing and investment strategies are important to ensuring super plays its role in your financial life.

What’s your investment strategy?

An investment portfolio generally takes a considerable amount of time to manage. Decision-making in relation to market conditions and your investments can be complicated and sometimes decisions need to be made quickly. The active management of your investment portfolio allows you to capture investment opportunities as they arise and also helps manage risk.

Appropriate gearing may enhance return and increase tax deductions in various entities.

Are you paying as little interest as possible on your loans?

Did you know as a Doctor, you may have access to discounted rates on loans that are not generally available to anybody else. Our team have negotiated rates available for you, taking advantage of superior rates with sound financial management can catapult wealth creation.

In addition to better rates, factors such as LMI waivers (up to 100% in some cases), offset accounts, flexibility and fees all play an important role in making the final decision on what’s best for you.

Are you sure you’re covered for most worst-case scenarios?

For the medical profession, cover needs to be tailored to a unique set of circumstances such as needlestick accidents and mental illness.

Important considerations such as Stepped VS Level premiums and cover for occupation specific roles cannot be underestimated.

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